Sealflex butyl tapes
are not just used for
the everyday...

They help make
dreams come true.

Welcome to Sealflex

Sealflex has been manufacturing butyl tapes for over two decades. Founded in 1988 in Corby, Northants, Sealflex were the creators of the original SF range of butyl tape sealants, and continuous development has established our award-winning Company’s reputation for product reliability and customer service.

In 2003, Sealflex moved Head Office and manufacturing to its brand new site in Kelly Bray, Cornwall, where custom-built facilities have allowed a complete and innovative reorganisation – improving production and process methods and enhancing product performance.

Today’s Sealflex combines further gains in productivity, quality and sealant performance with reducing our carbon footprint – helping to keep our products ahead of the customer’s need to evolve.

Sealflex takes its commitment to the environment seriously, stressing the recycling of packaging and waste and eliminating environmentally hazardous materials. The product is biodegradable but designed to degrade slowly, giving it a high life expectancy. Sealflex has always viewed better quality sealants as a greener solution, avoiding the costly regular replacement of other short-lived products.

From ten boxes to twenty tonnes, Sealflex continues to offer the customer its ‘made to order service – ensuring you get exactly what you want, and when you want it.

Sealflex – a bespoke solution from a reliable partner.